Brick Mansions – Movie Review

Brick mansions poster


In this dystopian film, Detroit undercover cop Damien (Paul Walker) must team up with convicted cop-killer Lino (David Belle) to take down crime lord Tremaine (RZA) who plans to take down Detroit’s government.


The only reason to go see Brick Mansions is for the awesome parkour action.  The film started out with a long sequence of stunts, so I was hopeful that the rest of the film would live up to the high standard that was set in the beginning of the film. But alas, the rest of the film was riddled with poor dialogue, lame one-liners and sub-par acting.

Perhaps the best part of the movie was when it was over. No, not because it was that terrible, but because there was a tribute to Paul Walker. I did get a little misty-eyed, as this was the last project that Walker completed before passing away.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend seeing this film unless you are a die-hard Paul Walker fan or are really in the mood for cheezy lines.

Grade: C-


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