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Reunited – Blog Tour and Book Review

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After surviving her otherworldly adventure, Lily wakes up on her nana’s farm having forgotten everything. Her sun prince, her travels to Egypt, and her journey to the Afterlife are all distant memories.

But Lily is not the girl she once was. Her body is now part human, part lion, and part fairy. And if that isn’t bad enough, she must now harness this power of three and become Wasret: a goddess destined to defeat the evil god Seth once and for all.

With the help of her old friend Dr. Hassan, Lily departs on her final voyage through the cosmos and across the plains of Egypt. On the journey, she will transform into the being she is destined to become.

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Reunited is an epic conclusion to the Reawakened series, and had me frantically turning the pages to see how the story was going to end. There was so much action, and so many obstacles that Lily faced throughout the novel that I had a tough time putting this book down.

I found Lily’s lost memory to be incredibly frustrating throughout the novel. There were so many times where I caught myself thinking, “Oh, just remember already! I know it’s somewhere in that head of yours!”

If you like love triangles, this series if perfect for you! Not only does this series feature two different dreamy love interests for Lily, but three! That’s right, three different love interests! And they’re all smoking hot Egyptian gods. How lucky can a girl get? I really liked seeing all of the different aspects of Lily’s relationships with each of the boys, because they each brought something unique to the table.

One of the things that I have always loved about this series is how accurate the mythology is. Obviously, some creative license is taken to make the story even more appealing, but overall, these books stay true to the original Egyptian mythology. I have had such an obsession with ancient Egyptian culture and mythology for so long, so to have books that help fuel my love is everything I could have hoped for.

I give Reunited 4.5/5 stars, and I’m so sad to see this series come to a close, but really happy with where everything ended. Hopefully there will be more amazing YA books about Egyptian mythology in the near future!


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