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The Truth – Book Review

The Truth - Book Review


When Chris wakes up in a dark basement tied to a chair, he knows that he’s trapped-and why. Eight nights ago a burglar broke into Chris’s home. Eight nights ago Chris did what he had to to protect his family. And eight nights ago a thirteen-year-old runaway bled to death on his kitchen floor.

Now Derek wants the truth about what really happened that night. He wants proof that his little brother didn’t deserve to die. For every lie Chris tells, he will lose a finger. But telling the truth is far more dangerous…


The truth will set you free. For the Chris, that couldn’t be more true. Chris is faced with telling the truth about what happened the night that he faced an intruder in his house, or he and the ones he loves will suffer the consequences of his lies.

This book was a very quick read for me, which was appreciated, but I think it hurt the pacing of the book. Chris is supposed to be trapped, with no way to tell how much time has passed since he was taken hostage. However, because the book read so fast for me, the amount of time that seemed to have passed in the story didn’t seem very long at all.

This book has a great idea, and it was fairly well executed. It has a few hiccups (like the pacing) but other than that, I really enjoyed it. It goes to show that keeping secrets and lying is definitely not the best option.

The Truth came out this week. You can purchase it by clicking on the book’s cover image above.

I received this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

By Bailey Riddle

Bailey Riddle is a 22-year-old college student studying Broadcast Electronic Communication Arts at San Francisco State University. She loves all things fandom, and can often be found with her nose in a book. When she isn’t busy with school and being a professional fangirl, she likes to cook food, read, and work on catching up on many hours of sleep.

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